HINDS – ‘Leave Me Alone’ Review

Words: Maddie Grammatopoulos

Image: Courtesy of Inertia Music

Four free spirits, one outlook — our shit, our rules. HINDS are a fun and indie garage rock band that whip together edgy and raw tunes that represent their vibrant personalities in a really original way. 

I was really stoked to listen to these girls; their sound is so progressive and individual. They are full of life and spirit, which is poured into their music. Music is a thousand times better when it’s created through pure passion and energy, and its very obvious this is the case here. 

Made up of Ana Perrote, Carlotta Cosials, Ade Martin and Amber Grimbergen, their grungy and indie vibes, unconventional guitar work and unique voices make for a real good time. 

Hinds 1.gif

Originally known as DEERS, the gals from Madrid had to do a cheeky name change recently after a bit of controversy in regard to copyright. I like the name Hinds better anyway, and it means female deer’ so they are still sticking to their roots. 

I wouldnt give HINDS the classification of girl band, as they are so much more than that. Sisters at heart, or even soul mates — you can tell how much they care for each other and it shows in the recording studio and on stage.   

Ive been watching a few of their interviews and videos and I love love love their style and life outlook. Oversized tees and vintage galore, which I appreciate a lot. They always seem to have either a guitar or drink in hand and simply live life doing whatever makes them happy — something we should all be doing. 

Im jealous of the life they have and genuinely just want to be best friends with them. I reckon a lot of people would agree with me on that one if they watched the video of their summer (check it out below). Im pretty average (and by average I mean shocking) at singing, but seriously considering giving an instrument a crack and moving to Spain. I wear a bit of vintage clothes and rarely brush my hair too, maybe if I whack on a bit of red lippy they wouldnt even realise Im not supposed to be there. 

They are just so true to themselves and artistic, its so inspiring in the sense that it makes me want to get a group of gal pals, play some funky tunes, and explore the world and all it has to offer. Their album ‘Leave Me Alone’ will be released early next year, and features some real road trip tunes for sure, so if you are planning a summer drive somewhere you should give it a spin.


I dont know if anyone has watched Woody Allens film Vicki Cristina Barcelona’ (if you havent, get around it), but the girls have the same sexy and endearing spanish accent as Penelope Cruz and I think I have a bit of a girl crush. And by think I mean I definitely do. Quick side note, may or may not have named my bunny Penelope, so I guess you could say I am a bit biased when it comes to a Spanish accent. 


Anyway, back on topic, the girls actually popped in Australia earlier this year, so Im heaps bummed out I hadnt heard of them at the time. Although the way they are going in the indie scene, I reckon they will be back before we know it. 

I really recommend giving them a decent listening to. At first listen I was thought yeah they are pretty random and fun, I dont mind them, but once I put a bit of research into who they actually are and listened to them properly, I was singing ‘Garden’ in the shower before I knew it. 

Their new album Leave Me Alone’ will be release on the 8th of January 2016, so grab a beer and give them a play.


HINDS- a summer with us


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